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B. Miller

I received shoulder therapy at this clinic after rotator cuff surgery that was done by Dr. Badman. Dr. Badman highly recommended Ashim and although I had to drive clear from the north end of the town, I am so glad I did. Both the surgeon and the therapist are best at what they do in the whole town.


Thank you so much.

J. McCrary

Ashim has a unique philosophy. I was very impressed by his knowledge, clinical skills, sensitivity, and his ability to communicate effectively. I will recommend the Hand and Upper Extremity to anybody with shoulder, elbow, or hand problems.


I did rehabilitation for a broken radius at Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation. I had no problem getting appointments with Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation and I had to go a couple times a week. It is a very nice facility.


The owner is exceptionally good. He is there most of the time and even if he isn't working with you directly he is there over seeing everything. He has a good sense of humor. I have no complaints with them. If I had anything that was hand or shoulder, I would use them again.

"Super staff and communication. Attention to detail is very good. Highly recommended."

- Bryan J.

Leslie M.

After 5 months of pain, 6 weeks of chiropractic therapy, and 4 weeks of physical therapy at another location, Ashim at the Hand and Upper Extremity Rehab center worked with me on my frozen shoulder and made more progress in one session than anything I had done in the previous 5 months. I've continued to work with Ashim and his associates for the past several weeks and can't believe the improvement in the pain level and the range of motion.

I would recommend their facility to anyone! I am absolutely

thrilled with the results.

J. Kim

I've been to several physical therapy facilities in the northeast, and Ashim's clinic is, by far, the best for detailed, individualized rehabilitation. His attention to detail is meticulous.


My shoulder feels so much better compared to when I started 4 weeks ago ("graduated" today). I also found his staff very courteous and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this clinic and am truly grateful to them for "curing" my shoulder ailments. Thanks very much to Ashim and his staff!

S. Hudson

I wanted to thank Ashim for helping me with my shoulder and elbow problem. He and his staff went above and beyond to work with my schedule. It is easy to see why Hand and Orthopedic is the best rehab clinic in town. Thank you so much for getting my arm back to normal.

R. Richey

I was initially referred for my shoulder, to a hospital-based outpatient clinic in Illinois, since that was close to my house. After spending 2 months in therapy with no significant improvements, my surgeon literally "forced" me to go to Hand and Orthopedic Clinic in Terre Haute. In spite of a 45-minute drive, and my initial reluctance, am I glad that I did. The therapists (Ashim, Nathalie and Ewa) are amazing. The atmosphere and the treatment I got in that clinic was totally different and amazing! It was motivating, effective and surprisingly fun... Ashim Bakshi has a great sense of humor. I was done in therapy in 2 months and my shoulder has not felt this good in a year. Thanks guys!

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M. Trissell

The staff and the therapists are all extremely friendly. My therapists Ashim Bakshi and Nathalie Johnson, were very courteous, professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I would not think of going anywhere else....and would definitely come back.